‘Russiagate’ Unveils The Depths Of Corruption In American Politics

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News Story Source: zerohedge.com by Seraphim Hanisch
investigation, and a never changing but frothy lack of evidence to show that anything dishonest or disingenuous happened in Donald Trump's campaign to be President of the United States.

Now, according to an opinion piece released by the Hill on Sunday 20 May, one of the issues that has been hiding in plain sight is getting some attention.

That issue is the increasingly evident amount of corruption in the US government agencies, notably the intelligence services and the Justice Department.

Mark Penn, the writer of this piece, puts his thought forward:

At this point, there is little doubt that the highest echelons of the FBI and the Justice Department broke their own rules to end the Hillary Clinton  "matter," but we can expect the inspector general to document what was done or, more pointedly, not done.

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