Russia Bans Alexey Navalny’s Presidential Bid

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Russia Bans Embezzler Alexey Navalny's Presidential Bid

by Stephen Lendman

He's a Western darling, a phony anti-corruption activist, a convicted embezzler, a self-serving opportunist – enjoying little popular backing.

He's gotten anti-democratic National Endowment for Democracy (NED) financial support for disruptive activities.

He's more politically dead than alive, supported by Washington as part of its Russia bashing and hostility toward Vladimir Putin.

He's barred from running for president next March because of his embezzlement conviction. It hardly matters. Putin's popularity overwhelms all presidential contenders.

He'll win easily by a landslide. The vast majority of Russians want him leading them for the next six years.

Navalny's presidential bid was a publicity stunt, nothing else. Even if allowed to run, he'd get scant support.

According to Russian law, convicted felons can't run fo
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