Russia and America: World’s Apart on Key Issues

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Russia and America: World's Apart on Key Issues

by Stephen Lendman

Trump promised improved relations with Moscow. Bilateral ones are dismal on his watch, US hostility worse than any time in recent memory.

Russia wants peaceful conflict resolution in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine and elsewhere. Washington wants endless wars, escalating ongoing ones, threatening North Korea and Iran.

Are Russia and China on its target list? Will unthinkable nuclear war erupt on the Korean peninsula, in the Middle East or elsewhere?

Lavrov and Tillerson agreed on launching a joint working group to seek ways of improving bilateral relations, according to Russia's Foreign Ministry.

Moscow is sincere. It's word is its bond. America can never be trusted, saying one thing, doing another consistently on key issues, especially geopolitical ones, notably in relations with sovereign independent nations like Russia and China.

On Friday, Lavrov and Tillerson
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