Rumor Mill: Next-Gen Tesla Model S/X To Get New Battery, 3 Motors

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News Story Source: by Mark Kane
According to the YouTube channel Like Tesla, a Tesla insider hinted at a major refresh of Model S/Model X coming.

This and previous rumors/unofficial reports (CNBC) lists a whole bunch of possible upgrades of the next-generation S/X:

three-motor powertrain (1 in the front and two in the rear)

new battery pack (possibly with new 2170 cylindrical cells) and more capable cooling ("currently being tested under extreme heat")

more range of up to around/over 400 miles (644 km) in case of Model S and close to 400 miles in case of Model X (EPA)

capability to charge at full power from V3 Superchargers (250 kW)

refreshed exterior and interior, following minimalist Model 3 design

production form September

production of Model S/X on a single line, instead two separate to make space for Model Y

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