RT Shut Down in Washington

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
RT Shut Down in Washington

by Stephen Lendman

Is the action further punishment, following the March 4 likely US/UK-orchestrated false flag Skripal incident – RT operations in the US capital targeted.

Is Sputnik News next? Will a nationwide ban on Russian media follow? Is what's going on state-sponsored censorship, wanting truth and full disclosure of major issues banished – official narrative fake news alone permitted ahead?

Is tyranny in America on a fast track toward becoming full-blown?

RT's Washington area distributor MHz announced it will cease cable distribution of its operations, effective Sunday, April 1 – for real, not an April fool's day joke. 

Its action almost certainly followed US pressure on the company. Why else would it end a relationship with a client providing a steady revenue stream, contributing to company profits?

Last year, the Justice Department demanded US companies involved in distributing RT Ame
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