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Lest it see more, prevent it. Out, vile jelly! [said Cornwall as he plucked out Gloucester’s other eye.] Where is thy luster now?-Shakespeare, King Lear (Act 3, Scene 7)

Leave it to ‘Shakespeare’ to mutilate!

The biggest trick of the devil is to convince you he doesn’t exist.

Whoever says that satanic cults don’t exist must live in a cave, and the fact that this story came the day AFTER the birth of the Royal baby leaves many wondering if this was part of their offering to the ‘gods’ for their gift. And by ‘their’ it is implied that I mean the cult of Royal lineages. I know, this is a stretch….but seriously does it take Einstein to bring together the clues to come to this result? Let’s investigate…
The article from daily reveals that this sickening death of a pony is in fact blamed on a satanic cult. The facts that surround this case is very gruesome.

Satanic cult blamed for ritualistic killing of Dartmoor foal which was horrifically mutilated in centre of ring of fire during full moon

Genitals, ear and tongue sliced during what is thought to be a satanic ritual
There are fears the stricken animal may have been alive during its ordeal
The pony was found in a remote part of Devon National Park on Tuesday
Patches of burned grass surrounded it and it had white paint on it’s leg

A Satanic cult has been blamed for the sickening death of a pony, which was found horrifically mutilated and laying in the remnants of a ring of fire after full moon.
Police are investigating after the young male had its genitals, right ear and tongue sliced off, and eyes gouged out. It is thought the animal may have been alive when the atrocities were committed.
Its belly was hacked open and the young pony also had traces of white paint on one of its legs, suggesting it was killed as part of a bizarre ceremony.


Sickening: The body of this two-month-old foal was found horrifically mutilated and there are fears it is the work of Satanists

It was also surrounded by circular patches of burnt moorland, which experts believe were left by a ring of torches or candles. The two-month old pony seemed to have been dragged into a clearing and placed at the foot of a slope to face the previous night’s full moon. It was found on Tuesday morning by a horse rider at Yennadon Down, a remote, area of Devon National Park.
Animal welfare officers are investigating and police have appealed to the public to be extra vigilant. Horse carers believe thebutchery was part of an evil occult or Pagan ceremony by Devil worshippers. Dartmoor’s Livestock Protection Officer  Karla McKechnie said: ‘We do get strange things happening from time to time, normally when its a full moon. ‘I’ve come across strange circles in the ground, boulders used as altars, that sort of thing, but thankfully animal mutilations are rare.


Cult: The foal was found surrounded by patches of burnt grass, suggesting candles had been lit during the ritual. It also had white paint of one of its legs

‘I suspect its witches or devil worshippers but it’s always hard to get to the bottom of it.
‘My main concern is how someone has been able to walk up to a foal and kill it in the middle of the night.I’m almost certain more than one person was involved.’
South West Equine Protection’s Jenny Thornton believed Dartmoor ponies had become so used to being fed by humans they were now easy targets.
She said: ‘I’ve seen plenty of dead animals but this was horrendous.


Clues: Marks on the ground including burnt patches of ground suggest it was the work of Satanists

‘The belly has been sliced open. It’s a boy and its genitals had been cut off. The tongue had been pulled out and his eyes are missing.
‘There have always been rumours of animal sacrifices and sheep have been found dead in the past,
often around the time of a full moon.
‘All we can be absolutely certain of is that someone has caused unnecessary suffering to an animal, possibly severe suffering if it was still alive at the time.’


Easy target: Experts believe ponies have become so used to humans they are vulnerable to this sort of attack. Pictured here, the foal’s mother

Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside in Devon and Cornwall has been dogged by rumours of Satanic rituals for years.
In 2012 a two-year-old horse called Eric belonging to Dawn Jewell, 27, was found mutilated on the day of satanic animal sacrifice.
He was found dead in his field in Stithians, near Falmouth, Cornwall, after a full moon with his right eye gouged out, his teeth removed and his genitalia hacked off.


Remote: The dead foal was found in Yennadon Down by a rider on Tuesday. An investigation into its grisly end is underway

The horrific attack happened on St Winebald Day, a Germanic Saint – Day, a date in the satanic calendar traditionally celebrated with bloody rituals.
In 2006 around 100 sheep animals were found slaughtered with their tongues, eyes and sexual organs removed on Dartmoor.
The bodies had been arranged in a Satanic star shape, known as a pentangle, or laid out in a circle with their necks broken.
In June of this year police appealed for information after two horses were found with ‘gaping’ knife wounds in neighbouring fields in the village of Stokeinteignhead, Devon.
Locals feared the two thoroughbred were attacked to mark the summer solstice, a key date in the Satanic calender. END

In this next article published on May 10, 2012, by,  the exact mutilation was performed!

It’s no coincidence that the same places were mutilated on this animal.

puzzle piece with key in lock_full

Notice that in the article about the pony, the so called mutilations were damage to soft tissue. This sounds close to the USA “UFO animal mutilation” urban legends, where animals are supposedly mutilated by beings from outer space. But, many times this reference is negated due to the whole ‘conspiracy’ aspect. The agenda is to make anyone who believes in UFO’s a nut-job, a crazy person. The keeps the wheels spinning and the controversy to a minimum.
The National Park mysteries is a new subject for me. But, I will provide a deeper insight with the help of research from the internet news of recent deaths and missing people. This will be produced in a separate article to follow this one.
But what I would like to point out here is that this blood-sacrifice of the first pony was performed in a National Park in England!


In the next entries, I want to point out that these same ritualistic inflicted injuries are not only performed on animals but people as well.

Hostile Indian attacks on American settlers force General Washington to send General Sullivan’s army of 5000 men to invade the Six Nations.
On September 11, 1779, Gen. Sullivan and his guides argue over the location of their objective, while his men are busy building a bridge for his artillery to cross the Conesus Lake inlet. Sullivan’s map said that Genesee Castle, the principal Seneca village in the area, was on the east bank of the river, the guides say the west bank. General Sullivan instructs Lt. Boyd to take four riflemen and an Indian guide and during the night locate the village and report back with the best route to it. Contrary to orders, Boyd took twenty eight men including guides. They march west, and find an abandoned village just east of the river. Boyd decides to wait here for the army to join him, but when he is fired on by a few Indians, he thinks that it would be safer to rejoin the army. Returning back up the same trail they see more Indians, who lure them into an ambush. Mistaking Boyd’s men for Sullivan’s army the Indians attack, killing 18 members of the out-numbered party. These Indians were part of a much larger force waiting to attack the army as it passed by the ravines where they were concealed. The main party of Indians, hearing the fierce fighting at their rear, believe that they are surrounded and abandon their positions to escape along the river, returning to Genesee Castle. When they finally learn that the fight was with a small scouting party the element of surprise is gone, and it is impossible to reassemble the warriors. A survivor of Boyd’s party made his way back to Sullivan, who ordered an immediate advance. The few warriors who did offer resistance were quickly killed and the remainder of the march to the Genesee Castle went unmolested. The sacrifice of Boyd’s scouting party most likely saved Sullivan’s army. The army entered the village on the 14th and found the bodies of Boyd and Parker.
Lieutenant Thomas Boyd and Sergeant Michael Parker had been taken prisoner and moved to Genesee Castle. There they had been questioned by Joseph Brant, a Mohawk Indian with an English name, John Butler, an American loyal to the crown (both known for savage attacks on American settlements) and Chief Little Beard of the Senecas. According to some reports they did not talk, but Butler’s report gave accurate details of Sullivan’s troops and their movements. Bryant and Butler then leave, giving the two soldiers to the Indians.
The two were taken to a large oak tree, today called the Torture Tree and stripped naked. They were then whipped until their backs were covered with welts and bruises. Next the nails were pulled from each finger and toe. They cut off their right ears, then their noses, then their tongues. Their right eyes were gouged from their sockets, and left hanging. They mutilated their genitals until they were attached to their bodies by only foot long strands of flesh. In spite of these inhuman and revolting tortures, the design was to keep the victims alive and conscious as long as possible.

With one eye gouged out, his teeth pulled out and his right hand severed, he was paraded through the streets of Constantinople, pelted with excrement before being hung upside down, having his genitals hacked off and finally killed by sword thrusts into his mouth and between his buttocks.


Byzantine Empire

This as the predominately Greek-speaking continuation of the Roman Empire. Constantine I transferred the main capital from Rome to Byzantine, later known as Constantinople (“City of Constantine”) and Nova Roma (“New Rome”).
Cutting off noses, gouging out eyes, cutting out tongues, and mutilation of genitalia can be interpreted from more than just a psychological perspective of shame and stigma. Historically, particular facial mutilations were both political and a common method of punishment. In the Byzantine Empire any mutilation, especially facial wounds, would disqualify an individual from taking the throne.

Nazi war criminals devised all kinds of tortures for their victims. Lord Russell of Liverpool writes: “Some were tortured with bars of red-hot iron; their eyes gouged out, their stomachs ripped open; their feet, hands, fingers, ears and noses hacked off…”

Muslims are known for such atrocities as well.

Seems in Africa the rate of ritual killings are on the rise considering the amount of witchcraft practiced is on the rise.


Let’s not forget that Prince William and Kate ‘demon’strated their blood lust and newfound birth into the Illuminati by their worldwide performance of their wedding on April, 29, 2011.
Remove the 2 & 20 = 9/11
Who else married on 4/29? Fuehrerbunker: Adolf Hitler marries his longtime partner Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker and designates Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor. Both Hitler and Braun commit suicide the following day.

Upon researching the main focal points of this mutation, this website came up.

Then, I found this phrase:
Hoof, and Horn, and Vine, and Grain
Then, researching this phrase…this popped up;
“Creating Circles & Ceremonies: Rituals for all Seasons and Reasons”
Amazing how pieces of a puzzle begin to fall together!
Hoof and Horn
“Hoof and horn, hoof and horn,
All that die shall be reborn
Vine and grain, vine and grain,
All the fall shall rise again!

Lord and Lady, hoof and horn,
Light revealed, be reborn
Fire, Water, Air and Earth,
Hunter, hunted, soul’s rebirth!”

This goes on but I thought that part was interesting. I began to read parts of the book and under Circle Lore & Etiquette, I find this:
“The Circle is a manifestation of cyclic energy in the form of a vortex. This holy time and sacred space is separate from the world and contiguous with al other Circles. A Circle is an animate universe between the worlds that we empower by our agreement.”
So this magick is ritualistic, no doubt. The circle also represents the Ouroboros-the Cosmic Serpent.
When these rituals are performed indoors, it is drawn out in chalk, but like the above article reveals…it was outdoors so white paint was used on the pony.
A traditional ‘Witches Circle’ has the diameter of nine feet, and with a full coven of 13 Witches…and I would not be surprised if these rituals were performed in the same manner.

Then we have…
Assaultive enucleation is referenced in myth, legend, and history. According to Egyptian mythology, the sky god Horus, representing Lower Egypt, took the incarnate form of a falcon, whose right eye was the sun and left eye, the moon. Seth, a god representing Upper Egypt, was defeated by Horus whose eye was damaged in the battle. According to another version, Horus either wounded Seth’s testicles or Horus lost his testicles in the struggle for the throne of Egypt, and Seth damaged one or both of Horus’ eyes. In a third version of this myth, Seth, incarnate as a black boar, either shredded the moon eye of Horus or ingested. According to a fourth version, Seth gouged out the eyes of Horus, but his eyesight was restored by rubbing with the milk of a gazelle. Salient in the Horus and Seth myths is the close association between sexual aggression and eye gouging. A recurrent belief among peoples of various cultures and ages is in the mysterious, puissant ability of the eyes to express evil and cause harm. For a thorough treatise on this topic the reader is referred to the classic contribution of El- worthy, The Evil Eye.

Magic in Ancient Egypt PDF

Is it by chance that this new Royal baby was born on the (Super) FULL MOON in AQUARIUS? Absolutely not!

Blood Lines of Royals

Magic among the Royals is a common occurrence, but we must understand it’s all for their cause. The cause being for their ‘gods’…the Ascended Masters.
Here’s another connection!



The first of many mysteries concerning St. Germain is the circumstance of his birth. Many researchers believe him to have been the offspring of Francis II, ruler of the once powerful principality of Transylvania. Transylvania, famous in cinema as the home of the mythical human vampire, Dracula, and other assorted literary ne’er-do-wells, had ties to the dynasty in Hesse. Francis II of Transylvania had married sixteen-year-old Charlotte Amalie of Hessen-Reinfels on September 25, 1694 at the cathedral of Cologne in Germany.

Prince Charles Heir to Dracula Bloodline

So, what does this mean? The Royal baby born to Prince William and Kate is a direct descendant of Saint Germain! This does in fact make it a STAR CHILD. And it makes it part-Nephilim.

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