Richard Pan To Replace Anthony Fauci…

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News Story Source:, Tim Bolen
The Democratic Party has made it very clear that five minutes after Joe Biden takes office there will be an "Executive Order" issued mandating ALL "CDC recommended" vaccines for ALL American children and adults.  By the end of the first year there will be six to seven hundred "CDC recommended" vaccines for each category.  There will be at least that many added for pets.  Probably more.

The Dems will be paying back their campaign contributions…

It gets worse – If Biden wins, then resigns – in favor of Kamala "Cruella" Harris prosecutions of "Anti-Vaxxers" will begin in earnest.  "Cruella," we all remember, had, during the Democratic Party presidential debates, declared herself to be "The Prosecutor President." 

California Senator Richard Pan is/was part of Cruella's California totalitarian network.  All of Cruella&#39
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