Rich People Will Soon Be Able To Buy Fake Meteor Showers On Demand

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News Story Source:, Dan Vergano
The fireworks will come courtesy of a satellite some 220 miles high, owned by the world's first "aerospace entertainment" firm, Astro Live Experiences, or ALE.

The brainchild of University of Tokyo astronomer Lena Okajima, the spacecraft will circle the globe and kick out 15 to 20 small metallic pebbles on command. Those seeds, less than half an inch wide, will blaze overhead for a few bright seconds over the city of the buyer's choice.

"We want to provide meteor showers on demand," Josh Rodenbaugh, a member of ALE's satellite operations team, told BuzzFeed News.

Their customers could be cities, companies, amusement parks, the mega-rich — anyone who can pay for such a spectacular show. Rodenbaugh declined to cite a specific cost, except to say that it would be less than the massive fireworks displays that major cities use to celebrate holidays. (Tokyo's fireworks displays run around $40,000 a firework, according to Rodenbaugh. "We
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