REVELATION – Dawning of Global Government

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Feature Article by G. Edward Griffin
Last night, I saw a movie that shook me to the core. Even though I am in the movie and delivered some commentary about the Federal Reserve System, I had forgotten about the day I spent with the film crew in Austin. Texas, many months ago. I had seen the segments in which I appeared, which the producer sent to me as a courtesy, but it was only last night that I watched the whole movie – and I was stunned. 

When my commentary was joined with scores of others who spoke from first-hand knowledge about loss of liberty and growth of government, the pieces came together like a giant jigsaw puzzle that revealed a disturbing picture of the social and political Hell we are rapidly approaching. 

The movie is called Revelation; Dawn of Global Government, starring Charlie Daniels,  Alex Jones, and Special-Ops General "Jerry" Boykin. The outstanding narrators include Larry Pratt, (Gun Owners of America), Stewart Rhodes, (OathKeepers), Joel Skousen, (Wor
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