Return Engagements (Book One) PART 8… in which I learn why I was pulled through time,

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Picking up from Part 7, in which I learned that this was not actually time travel, even though it seemed precisely that.

Within an hour Michael was past Madison and making good time on I-90. He ate one of the sandwiches he had purchased earlier. But he also knew that he lacked the energy to drive through the night, which was now falling.

He determined to drive to La Crosse on the Mississippi River and find a decent motel there. After a full night's rest he'd be ready to pick up the trail, or as ready as he could be.

But Michael did have experience with this sort of thing… at least some. When he and Doreen were meeting discretely, back in 1917, he'd sometimes be desperate to find her, and he'd nearly always get to her by following his impressions wherever they led him. He realized now that he had been doing something very much like that today. And he also noticed that it had made him feel young, his present weariness notwithstanding.

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