Return Engagements (Book One) PART 13… in which I confront Michael

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Picking up from Part 12, in which I learned a great about what was happening to me.

"Hi," I said in as friendly way as I could, "if you're 309, I'm the guy you're looking for."

I smiled and extended my hand. He shook it but seemed too nervous to speak. I sat across from him.

"I know this is a wild situation, and I suppose I have a lot to explain to you, but I want to put you at ease first. I'm human just like you, and if you sensed us driving past your window, as I think you did, then we're neighbors of a sort. I spent nearly all my early life within a few blocks of Touhy Avenue."

I smiled again, and this time he smiled back slightly. He was starting to relax.

Step one, I thought. I sat back and waited for him to initiate something.

"I'm Michael," he said after a bit.

"And I'm Paul."

We both smiled again, but he still seemed too nervous to open up.

"If you don't mind me as
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