Research Based Infographics Show What Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals Are Really Doing to Us

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News Story Source:, Alex Pietrowski
As of 2016, one in six American adults were taking psychiatric medications, a staggering number that is accompanied by the fact that the mental health industry in America is worth well over $200 billion a year.

We've been led to believe that our doctors are the end-all-be-all authority on what's good for our health and that their advice is backed up by rigorous and undeniable scientific proof. What we're not told, however, is that scientific research today is highly suspect and often outright corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, we really don't yet understand the full-range of consequences involved in taking prescriptions psychiatric medications instead of pursuing other, natural possibilities.

Medical researcher Craig Wagner has compiled eight years of study of psychiatric medications and their effects, and he has distilled his findings into three easy to grasp infographics that will shatter your perceptions about the effi
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