Republicans tears into ‘out of touch’ DHS Secretary Mayorkas for ‘DELIBERATELY trying…

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News Story Source:, By KATELYN CARALLE
Representative Jim Jordan accused on Thursday the Biden administration of 'deliberately' and 'intentionally' causing the southern border crisis as Republicans tore into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for being 'out of touch' and a 'traitor.' 

The House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member said during his opening statement that Mayorkas will face questions on why he implemented policies that led to the chaos.

'It's intentional, it has to be,' Jordan said at the top of his remarks to the body on Thursday morning.

'The chaos on our southern border is not an accident,' the Ohio Republican congressman continued. 'It's deliberate, it's on purpose, it's by design.'

'President Biden on Day One said there'll be a moratorium on deportations, he ended Remain in Mexico, he terminated agreements with Northern Triangle countries and he stopped building the wall,' Jordan rattle
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