Remember: The NY Times Lie Factory Declared Absolutely NO Vote Fraud

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News Story Source: – Paul Craig Roberts
Here is the reported arrest of Biden campaign official Dallas Jones and two Texas Democrat officials for "orchestrating a ballot harvesting scheme."

See here, here, and here.

I can't confirm whether the Texas Democrat officials are arrested or accused.

Here is a partial description of the vote fraud in Texas, which, although extensive, was not enough to steal the state for Biden:

Even conservative states run by Republicans have not been immune to Democrat fraud. In Texas, for example, Harris County, home to left-leaning Houston, appears to be the epicenter of most of the fraud. Raymond Stewart, a poll watcher and retired police officer, submitted a sworn affidavit to the district attorney about a Houston precinct judge — identified in news reports as a Democrat — and election staff who unlawfully used a "large stack of Texas driver's licenses" to allow people to vote illegally at a "drive-through voting window.&quo
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