“Remember, Remember, The 5th Of November…”

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News Story Source: Zero Hedge
Authored by Gloria Moss via Off-Guardian.org,

At midnight tonight, November 4-5 a second lockdown begins in the UK, with scant justification and amid a storm of propaganda. On the same day at the same time 415 years earlier another momentous event was announced, amid a similar storm of propaganda.

While not obviously connected in any way the juxtaposition reminds us that official narratives always require interrogation and always will.


According to historians of the gunpowder plot, the official story of this event concealed the extent to which the British establishment of the day may have enhanced their popularity and personal profits by pushing a version of events that drew Britain into decades of profitable war against Catholic Spain and Portugal. Most recently, this view has been expressed by John Hamer (in his Falsification of History) and by Webster Tarpley (in his videos about the Gunpowder Plot ). The earliest and fu
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