Rejecting a $1 Billion Bribe

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News Story Source: by Patrick Byrne
 I know this because of some fishy interactions I had with the FBI from July 2015 until Spring of 2017, including some extremely fishy requests and reactions from them.  I did not come forward until two months ago because, once the Russian story emerged as a national political story in late 2017, I began expecting investigators would come tap me on the shoulder to find out what I knew. I waited, but they never did.

In December 2017 I was having lunch at the White House with General HR McMaster. As we parted he asked me, "What do you think of this crazy Russian stuff?" To my dying day I will always regret that I did not tell him, "Sir, I know a lot about it." I regret that I did not because I might have saved our nation two years of anguish. Instead, I bit my tongue: I was in a White House under federal investigation, I had had a hand in the investigation, and the right thing to do was unclear. In the distant past I have been scolded by Men in Black for
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