Regulators, Feds Start ‘Market Manipulation’ Probes Into Reddit Raiders, Robinhood

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
In what appears like a full court press from every division of every agency in an effort to show they're "doing something", The Wall Street Journal reports that a slew of regulators and prosecutors have launched probes into various aspects of the market chaos of the last few weeks.

In an effort to uncover whether market manipulation or any other forms of misconduct fueled some of the manic behavior in Gamestop and other stocks, as well as silver, the Justice Department's fraud section, the SEC, and the CFTC are all unleashing hell on Reddit, Robinhood, and the rabble who actually traded these assets up and mostly down too.

Specifically, WSJ reports that the DOJ has subpoenaed Robinhood for information about activity in the Gamestop/WSB frenzy with an eye to potential pump-and-dump schemes.

The CFTC is examining similar activity surrounding the Silver surge, to see if any market manipulation&nbsp
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