Record-breaking device uses sunlight to produce hydrogen at 15% efficiency

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News Story Source:, Dario Borghino
 According to the researchers' estimations, an array of 20 such panels paired with an underground pressurized tank could provide the totality of a household's entire electricity and heating needs for a modest price.

Going solar comes with a couple of significant drawbacks, particularly when it comes to managing your reserves. First, storing an energy buffer for a rainy day is all but cheap: a home battery pack will run you up thousands of dollars, and its charge will keep you off the grid for a few extra days at most. Secondly, lithium-ion batteries lose capacity with use, and slowly self-discharge with disuse.

Professor Johan Martens and his team have turned to hydrogen for a cheaper, year-round green energy alternative. Their device has been under development for a decade, and can currently reach a energy conversion of 15 percent.

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