RATTLE & HUM: The Latest Incidents Of Unexplained Loud Booms Heard Across The Earth – Mysterious Boom Rattles Residents In Duncan, Oklahoma, United States And Mystery Explosions That Go Bang In The Night Shake Highgate And Muswell Hill Homes, United Kingdom?!

April 08, 2014 – EARTH – The following constitutes the latest incidents of unexplained loud booms and explosions heard across the Earth:

Mysterious Boom Rattles Residents In Duncan, Oklahoma

Stephens County is still dealing with a case of a phantom boom.

Wednesday night, just after 6:00 p.m., several folks were rattled after hearing what sounded like a large explosion nearby. Twenty-four hours later, Duncan residents and officials alike are still stumped, which has caused the mystery blast to be the talk of the town.

In southwest Oklahoma, many of us are used to the rolling thunder, or even Fort Sill’s artillery popping. But what Stephens County experienced Wednesday night was something different.

“I asked my husband, I was like, ‘what was that?’ he said I think it was thunder and I said ‘no I don’t think so!’,” said one Duncan resident.

The boom was so loud, those who heard it weren’t the only ones shaken by its power.

“I know it hit pretty hard though, because it shook the stuff in my house,” said another Duncan dweller.

“I actually wanted to run out of the house because it shook the house,” said one worried Duncan resident.

It was enough to grab the attention of the Duncan Police Department and the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Wayne McKinney says this event isn’t entirely uncommon.

“Over the past year, we’ve had calls out in the county where people have heard explosions or what they thought was explosions,” said Sheriff McKinney.

WATCH: Duncan still unsure of mystery boom.

He says it’s possible that explosive targets may be to blame.

“There’s really no law against it in the county, as long as it’s done safely. So obviously these explosive targets could be flammable and we certainly don’t want to see a fire started from that,” said Sheriff McKinney. “But right now, we have no other clue. We have no other leads.”

So that leaves the people of Stephens County to continue to wonder what goes “boom” in the night.

“I’m kind of a the proof’s in the pudding kind of girl. And that’s basically all we heard,” said one skeptic.

Over the past twenty-four hours, several people have said they heard a boom in Bray, Duncan, Marlow, even Cotton and Tillman counties. So law enforcement will continue to investigate the mystery blast until they find the source. – KSWO.

Mystery Explosions That Go Bang In The Night Shake Highgate And Muswell Hill Homes, UK
Carrie Kirkpatrick is investigating the mystery explosions being heard in Highgate. Picture: Nigel Sutton

Mysterious “explosions” causing houses to shake in Highgate have become the focus of a police investigation.

Several people living in Priory Gardens said they regularly hear deep booms that have been likened to the sound of a gas explosion.

The noise is so loud that many say it causes their houses to shake in their foundations.

TV producer Carrie Kirkpatrick, said: “It’s just so mysterious. Sometimes it’s more than once a week and then you don’t hear it for a while.

“Friday night seems to be most popular. It can be at any time between 10pm and midnight.

“I’m still awake at that time, and my eight-year-old says, ‘I wish the loud bangs would stop’.”

The mother-of-one has reported the noises, which were first heard 18 months ago, to police and Haringey Council.

Both were unable to identify where the sounds might be coming from and will continue investigations into the cause of the explosive booms. Residents in Wellfield Road, Muswell Hill, have also reported hearing the noises.

Those who have heard the explosions have also reported seeing flashes in the sky, but they don’t believe the noises could be from fireworks.

Some suggested the sounds may be caused by excavation work at Shepherd’s Hill allotment.

But the team in charge of the green space said no excavation work has taken place at the times people have reported hearing the noises.

An electrical substation in Shepherd’s Hill has also been considered as a possible source of the bangs. Others have come up with more inventive explanations.

“Some people have asked, could it be fracking or military manoeuvres?” Ms Kirkpatrick said. “It’s Highgate, it’s not military manoeuvres.

“They said it could be the Underground, but they wouldn’t be doing explosive work at night without telling us.

“Some of my friends are suggesting it is a paranormal occurrence. I think we need to stalk out the woods at night.”

Cllr Lyn Weber, independent member for Crouch End on Haringey Council, said it was an “intriguing mystery”.

“I wondered whether it was something to do with the big basement works [at Witanhurst house] up in Highgate,” she said.

Residents should report the explosion sounds to Haringey Council’s noise team on 020 8489 0000. – Ham&High.

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