Raspberry Pi Foundation Releases Official Cooling Fan for the Pi 4

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News Story Source: https://www.makeuseof.com, BY IAN BUCKLEY
The Raspberry Pi foundation has released an official fan for the Raspberry Pi 4. The fan, which will also work with older Pi models, takes power from onboard general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins.

This is far from the first 5v fan that works with the Raspberry Pi, but the first officially released by the Raspberry Pi foundation. It'll fit in an official Pi 4 case and costs just $5.

The new product was announced via the Raspberry Pi Blog, on November 30, and is described as a "stocking-filler product to help you squeeze more performance out of your Raspberry Pi 4."

The kit comes with a fan set in a mount compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4 baseboard and cables designed for connecting to the onboard GPIO header pins. The kit also includes a black metal heatsink for further thermal dispersion.

The Raspberry Pi 4 case fan has a recommended retail price of $5 and is available from official resellers in your region, which can be found on the Raspberry Pi&
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