Question: Are You Living a Life Worth Remembering?

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
While cycling coast to coast in 1984, I met Bob Wieland, south of Socorro, New Mexico, out in the middle of the desert, walking on his hands across America.  When I stopped, I threw my bike into the gravel on the other side of the road. I walked over to shake hands.  I said, "What are you doing out here in 105 degrees heat?"  He said, "I am walking across America…what are you doing?"  I said, "I'm bicycling across America."  He said, "I'd like to do that, too, but my legs are too short."

From that single event in my life, I have never complained once since 1984.   I take each day as a gift.  I love each second on my touring bike, road bike and mountain bike.  I promised myself to live a life worth remembering.

Totally blind in his teens, American Erik Weihenmayer became the first sightless person to climb Mount Everest.  He
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