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Everybody ought to have a mighty thirst for knowledge
Everybody ought to have a passion they can claim,
Cause a person without passion is a person without purpose,
And a life devoid of purpose can drive someone insane.


What’s the purpose to the mountains,
Purpose to the moonlight,
Purpose to the sunset,
Purpose to the sea?

What’s the purpose to us spinning round a star inside a galaxy?
Well I don’t know the purpose but I’m here —-
And that’s good enough for me.

When I was young I never thought about my purpose
The only thing that moved me was swells from hurricanes
But now I’m so much older, I think I found my purpose,
It’s the ink within the pen as it flows upon the page.

My purpose is to use the words that come to me in visions,
My purpose is to spread a vision for humanity,
The age of information spurns a cultural awakening,
If we could shed our egos and vanquish vanity.


If you don’t have a purpose you may begin to wonder why,
we’re all upon this planet at exactly the same time,
Some people on this planet are heaving up a heavy sigh,
Cause they can’t find a purpose for the reason or the rhyme.
Perhaps a higher power put you here for you to change the world,
Perhaps you’re on this world for a purpose you can’t see.

Regardless of the reason that you feel your life is meaningless,
Once you find your purpose then the truth will set you free.


Does your life it have a purpose when you wake up in the morn?
Is there a smile upon your face as you make it through the day?

I’m glad that I born with a mighty thirst for knowledge
and a purpose to point out that our culture’s gone astray.

This song is for the hopeless, the fallen of the human race,
This song it is a challenge for you to look inside,
I know you were created to make this world a better place,
And when you find your purpose your eyes will open wide.

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