PROTESTS & SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: Monumental Crisis In Ukraine – Clashes Erupt As Kharkov Protesters Declare Independence From Kiev! [PHOTOS+VIDEOS]

April 07, 2014 – UKRAINE – Police have clashed with anti-coup protesters in Kharkov in an effort to push the crowd back from the administration building. Earlier, activists in the second-largest Ukrainian city followed those in Donetsk and proclaimed a People’s Republic of Kharkov.

Харьковская администрация.

Clashes erupted near the Kharkov administration on Monday evening after police reportedly tried to vacate the building, which was partially occupied by pro-independence protesters. Kharkov demonstrators took control of the building earlier in the day, after proclaiming independence of the region from Kiev.

Police reportedly used fire-hoses, stun grenades, and tear gas to push the crowd back from the building. In response, protesters threw several Molotov cocktails at the building and set a pile of tires on fire. The blaze soon spread to the first floor of the building.

Activists at the scene said the law enforcement officers who used force against protesters had been deployed from western Ukraine. According to some witnesses, the violence was initially triggered by a group of provocateurs. Earlier in the day, pro-EU demonstrators clashed with supporters of the federalization of Ukraine.

WATCH:  Violence erupts in Kharkov as opposing factions collide.


WATCH:  Kharkov crowds face off against riot police.


WATCH:  Activists gather in Kharkov.

Eventually, a group of local police outside the administration building moved in to push protesters back, allowing fire crews to extinguish the blaze. The building was slightly damaged by the blaze, and several windows were broken in scuffles.

Witnesses at the scene reported that demonstrators were still in control of the government building after the tensions eased.

Earlier on Monday, speaking through a loudspeaker in the hall of the city’s regional administration building, an activist could be heard saying that the issue of Kharkov becoming a sovereign state independent from Ukraine will be decided by a regional referendum. A crowd of demonstrators responded to the statement with cheers.

Police have cordoned off admin building @RT_com

Kharkov protesters erected barricades around administrative buildings and the regional headquarters of the Security Service of Ukraine on Monday. Brief clashes between supporters of the federalization of Ukraine and pro-EU demonstrators were reported in downtown Kharkov. Protesters on both sides reportedly used firecrackers and stun grenades.

Anti-coup protesters in Donetsk proclaimed on Monday the creation of a People’s Republic of Donetsk after seizing the local administration building on Sunday night.

The situation remains tense in the port city of Mariupol in the Donetsk region, where pro-Russian activists on Saturday stormed the Prosecutor’s Office building, demanding the release of detained “people’s mayor” Dmitry Kuzmenko.

WATCH:  Activists declare independence of Donetsk, call for Russian assistance.


A demonstration against political repression in Ukraine is also being held in the southern regional center of Odessa.

In a rare incident, Dnepropetrovsk city authorities moved to negotiate with the anti-government activists. According to the region’s vice governor, Boris Filatov, both the “left-wing” and the pro-Russian protesters agreed to refrain from “calls for separatist actions.” In return, the authorities said they will let the activists use some cabinets in the administrative buildings for their “meetings and work,” as well as provide them with “free access” to local printed media. – RT.

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