Propaganda 201

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News Story Source: by Mark Davis
Welcome back, come on in. Here is a summary of Propaganda 101 that you may want to review. We were discussing the situation in Syria where what President Eisenhower called in his farewell speech the "military-industrial-complex" elite had obviously decided on "regime change" (you've got to love all the euphemisms used by propagandists), and that operation is ongoing. Some public pushback delayed escalation of the war against Assad after the 2013 false-flag attack was revealed as such during the Obama administration. However, after the most recent false-flag attack in Syria, the new president "acted decisively" and "sent a message" with his display of firepower and a willingness to initiate violence before the real full story could surface widely. A significant portion of Trump's support during the election campaign was due to his promise to focus on domestic policies and forego self-defeating foreign adventures. Alas, same as it ever was.
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