Progressives plot revenge against Trump

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Opinion Column by Greg J. Dixon
Progressives plot revenge against Trump

Liberals Plot Revenge as Donald Trump Assumes the Presidency

(Publishers Note: In the following article from Time, dated Jan. 20, which was Inauguration Day, we find that the so called, "Russian connection and Trump", was hatched up by design, along with many other, well known methods, to de-legitimize his Presidency.  All of this was designed by a known homo-sexual Progressive political operator and his co-conspirators, along with the chief one herself, Hillary Clinton.)


Michael Scherer

Jan 20, 2017

The fight of David Brock's life ended on a billionaire's rooftop overlooking Manhattan's Upper East Side. It was election night around 9:30 p.m., and he was alone after hopping across the city for return-watching parties with wealthy donors, including investor George Soros. Standing high above Sutton Place, Brock got a text from a reporter that confirmed his creeping fears that Hillary Clinton would l
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