Principal Reads Books Online in Her PJs So Her Students Can Always Have a Bedtime Story

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While some teachers and educators might be happy to finish with their work at 4PM, this elementary school principal is still connecting with her students even after she goes home for the day.

42-year-old Belinda George is the principal of Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas. She is also the star of "Tucked-In Tuesdays", a tradition that she started as a means of ensuring that her students can have a bedtime story and feel encouraged to read more books.

Every Tuesday evening, George cozies up in her pajamas, grabs a children's book, and reads aloud to her students from her home using Facebook Live.

As she reads, George prompts her viewers to think about the book and make inferences as they progress through the story. Additionally, students from her own school can earn advanced reader points as rewards for listening in.

Though she originally started the weekly video segment in order to connect with her own students, she has quickly gained followers fro
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