President Trump makes a bold move to weaken the swamp’s power

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News Story Source: American Thinker
Behind that title lurks an earthquake that may finally break the permanent bureaucracy's stranglehold on federal politics and bring more accountability to the American government.

When the Founders ratified the Constitution, they envisioned only three branches of government: the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial Branches.  However, as America grew, a bureaucratic class grew along with it.

In theory, the federal bureaucracy is a subset of the Executive Branch.  Its purpose is to act as the president's agent in carrying out the laws that Congress passes. Also, in theory, the people working in the federal bureaucracy act strictly without partisanship, performing their work for all Americans' benefit, not for a specific political party's benefit.

In fact, those theories are, as Biden would say, malarkey.  Over the past four years, we've learned that agency employees believe themselves to be an unaccountable fourth branch
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