Preparation for the Upcoming Alien War

Advent of Deception teaches that the New World Order will be activated on 12/21/2012. The Occult Numerology dictates that 9/11/2001 activate the preparation stage of the New World Order, an era where drastic laws have been created that will serve during the New World Order. However, to fully deceive and manipulate the populace into surrendering their free choice, the Illuminati must stage a World War Three to unite the world. The most comprehensive way to unite the entire world under a common cause is to present an alien specie that will cause a war with humanity. This pre-planned war from the Powers of the Darkness will unite the world as one to save the human-race.

The time table that Advent of Deception is predicting the Alien presence is around the spring of 2013, if not then, the ET Aliens should present themselves by the spring 2014. Most wars are started in the spring or summer. If this is the plan of the Powers of the Darkness, then the war could very well continue into the following winter. It is the following winter that should be the concern when considering about preparation.

Inner Faith predominates the focal point when preparing spiritually for the incoming New World Order. In addition, releasing yourself from all material and relationship attachments will be critical.

Take Note: Cultivating Inner Faith is essential, because the New World Order is designed to separate the children of the light from the children of the darkness after the alien war. Facing the tests requires strong Faith. Independent Spirituality will provide your the strong inner faith that is needed to oppose the NWO

Freeing yourself from all addictive behaviors and chemical activities is indispensable considering a prolonged alien war when there is a high possibility of major shortages.

The next priority of preparation is choosing to remain stationary or to live nomadic during the alien war. Despite your choice, each person that comprehends the seriousness of the subject should wisely gather backpacking equipment, or better yet, bicycle touring gear. If you can set yourself up to depart abruptly, you will tremendously benefit over the person that is not equipped properly.

Two situations to consider during the Alien War:
Stationary or Nomadic

If you choose to remain stationary there are several elements you need to stock. My suggestions for food are Rice, Lentils, Beans, other dry goods including potatoes, and learn to use a pressure cooker. For a vegetable, pickled cabbage preserves a long time. You will need a camp stove, or a nice propane stove including a stock of fuel.

Once the aliens present themselves there should be a negotiation period that will provide some time to gather food and supplies. You should try to find an ethnic store that carries 50 pounds bags of rice. Can food is filled with salt. It is good to have some can food, but you want to choose what is healthy such as organic black beans, junk food can work against the individual.

Learning to use a pressure cooker enormously assists in cooking dry goods such as beans. Cooking time for black beans in a pressure cooker reduces to around twenty minutes. Four cups of water and two cups of lentils can provide filling food for over three days for a single person. Unfortunately, many cultures have lost traditional cooking skills.

The most important element is water. A human can go without food for a good long time, but not water. And you will need water for cooking. If you are stationary it would wise to have several 5 gallon jugs on hand in your house. Even if you don’t have water stored, at least when the aliens present themselves you can always fill up the jugs from the tap.

The amount of food, water, and fuel will depend on if you are single or the size of your family.

Question: It is winter and the electricity and gas is shut down and it is cold, what is the best way to stay warm inside a house or apartment?

Answer: The best way to stay warm at night and during a cold days is to pop up a tent in the house. If you were wise and listened then you will be buying a good tent and a very warm down sleeping bag. Coleman carries the BLACKCAT™ PERFECTEMP™ CATALYTIC HEATER, it is about the only heater that can be used safely in a tent or small enclosed area. In combination with the tent heater and a warm sleeping bag, a person can stay comfortable and get a break from the cold situation.

5Essentials to consider:

  • A durable designed tent
  • A very warm Down Sleeping Bag
  • An insulated sleeping pad
  • A good cooking stove
  • Manual Water Filter

A person can sleep outside without a tent in a high-end down-filled sleeping bag and an insulated sleeping pad, and remain warm at 20* F and under temperature. The trick to down is to sleep nude in the sleeping bag.

If you feel that heading out and living a nomadic lifestyle is the best option for yourself, then you would be better off with touring cycling gear, preferably with a trailer. If you go with backpacking gear only, then you will need to rely on buses, trains, hitching, or walking. A person can travel a good 50+ miles a day with the correct touring bike.

Each person who comprehends the wicked agenda of the New World Order should wisely gather backpacking equipment. After the Alien war, The New World Order will be fully activated—the honest hearted person who comprehends the truth will at some point in time have to flee. Gathering the proper gear is essential.

Question: What if everything you are teaching is a bunch of BS?

Answer: Then go on a cycling tour or enjoy some camping trips. Nevertheless, I believe a person should always be prepared to leave a living situation if and when it becomes unhealthy.

Important Note: When I speak to individuals about the New World Order, and The Powers of the Darkness that includes The Occult and The Illuminati, most people experience a lot of inner fear. For some people the subject deeply scares them. If the subject of an alien war and the New World Order is not true then why does the subject automatically cause inner fear?

The reader who comprehends this information of the NWO may want to invest in some backpacking/cycling gear.

This post is from: Advent of Deception

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