Predictive Programmer Fêted by Alex Jones?

Mike Judge gave an interview to Alex Jones a couple of months ago, but I just remembered that Jones once accused Judge (in cahoots with Vice magazine) of using Beavis and Butthead in predictive programming.  He railed against an illustration in a 1994 issue of Vice, featuring Beavis and Butthead as Al Qaeda terrorists circling the Twin Towers in little planes, as just another example of THEM priming us for our own destruction. The problem was, that issue of Vice was actually a parody of a 1994 magazine to commemorate the magazine’s 15th anniversary; the entire thing was written, illustrated, and printed in 2009Vice explained this before Jones went on the air with his “Beavis and Butthead predicted 9/11” rant, so a 30-second ‘Net search would have saved him some embarrassment. 

Was Judge aware of this? It wasn’t brought up during the interview.

There are really only two possibilities here:
1. Jones realized he was mistaken about the Vice thing, but (as usual) decided not to issue a retraction.
2. Jones still thinks Judge is part of the Satanic cadre that uses entertainment to program the sheeple, but had him on his show anyway because he would be a big draw.

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