Preaching to the Choir

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News Story Source: Jacob Hornberger
Ever since I founded FFF 29 years ago, there have been critics who say to me, "You just preach to the choir." My response is always: "Yeah, isn't that great?" Of course, I issue the response in jest, especially since FFF has long shared libertarianism with both libertarian and non-libertarian audiences, such as historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), where FFF has been holding anti-drug war conferences for the past few years.

Yet, when broken down and analyzed, it is easy to see that the "preaching to the choir" critique is actually silly and meaningless. After all, what is considered the "choir" within the libertarian movement? Does it consist of people who have been in the libertarian movement for many years but who are still striving to learn more about our philosophy? Does it include people who have just recently discovered libertarianism and who are trying to learn more about its principles? Does it encompass libertarian
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