Possibilities Verses Predictions

The Olympics of 2012 in London began with a major occult ritual opening and ending ceremony. The “predictions of possibilities” were rumored starting with Rik Clay’s former blog, other blogs, and in Youtube videos that never happened. Because of these predictions of possibilities, many people are discrediting the researchers of “conspiracy”.

Advent of Deception researched and reposted much of the content from other sources about the Olympics, and from my context of perception, I posted the “possibilities” regarding the 2012 Olympics in London England.

The Paralympic Games:

There is still a possibility of a disaster at the Paralympic to gain world sympathy and cause a conflict that “possibly” would give the aliens a reason to present themselves to the world of humanity in early 2013. The Paralympic begins on 8/29/2012 and ends on 9/9/2012

Through the Satanic rituals and symbolism at the opening ceremony that 4.7 billion people observed, I feel that the Antichrist was anointed within a covert fashion. I never wrote in any prior posts that the Antichrist would appear publicly to accomplish the anointment.

What about 12/21/2012?

Many people are most likely expecting a major worldwide event on 12/21/2012. Advent of Deception teaches that on 12/21/2012 at 11:11am the New World Order will be activated. This does not refer to any worldwide disastrous event. The Illuminati Occult will have their own private sacrifice night we can be assured. However, even if there is not a worldwide event, the NWO will still be activated according to my research.

We will fully comprehend if the New World Order is a reality within the first or second year going into 2014. If the Aliens arrive in 2013, everyone that is even slightly awake will comprehend that the Illuminati is staging a World War 3 that will allow the Antichrist to unite the world within a common purpose and to save the world from the war. The purpose is to reduce the population for the NWO to control the world.

A growing number of people do understand that there is a Satanic and global secretive global elite who are in control of global finance, culture, science, religion and politics. The door to this awareness by explaining who the Illuminati are and their symbolism on the back of the U.S. dollar. The occult pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer which has the actual words “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which means New Order of the Ages, or New World Order. Most people are sensing that the global financial system is being manipulated and a disaster is looming in the near future. Due to the internet, millions of people are beginning to understand the relationship between the Illuminati and the international banking families who control the Federal Reserve.

Possibilities are not “set-in-stone Predictions”.

The possible bombing of London would kick off a major world conflict could still happen. Yet, no occurrence whatsoever may happen in London. The reader can view the writings on this website as concrete predictions, however we are only presenting the possibilities.

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