‘Pooper-scooper’ drone cleans up dog poo so you don’t step in it…

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News Story Source: http://www.dailymail.co, By STACY LIBERATORE
A Dutch startup is set to release a fleet of 'drones' to combat the 220 million pounds of dog droppings left on the Netherlands' streets each year.

Called Dogdrones, the vehicles will work together as a team to detect and scoop up the poop.

The aerial drone is fitted with cameras and thermal energy technology that transmits GPS coordinates of the feces to a rolling robot on the ground that immediately leaves its hub to clean up the waste.

Dogdrones is the brainchild of Gerben Lievers and Marc Sandelowsky, who met at an event for entrepreneurs and has since started Tinki.

According to Tinki, there are 1.5 million dogs in the Netherlands, each one poops 2.3 times a day and leaves behind 3.5 ounces of material.

 Although some dog owners clean up after their pets, a majority of them ignore the issue, leaving the streets polluted with dog feces.

'In the Netherlands, every year 100 million kilos [220 million pounds] of dog poo are not disposed,&#39
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