Polydrop camping trailer optimized for EV towing and off-grid living

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News Story Source: https://newatlas.com, By C.C. Weiss
Now it's back with a more comfortable, fully equipped personal space specced to be something of a towable hotel room. The new P17A supports off-grid living with a powerful solar-charged lithium battery bank, all-weather battery-powered HVAC system and available kitchenette. It's a comfortable, climate-controlled tiny living space in which to disconnect for up to six days at a time.

The 13.6-foot (4.1-m) P17A trailer looks much the same as the slightly shorter original Polydrop when riding behind a tow vehicle. But Polydrops has done some considerable reshuffling behind the aluminum skin to optimize weight and layout around increased autonomy. The trailer's standard 2.4-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery gets integrated flatly into the heart of the aluminum frame, much like an EV skateboard chassis. This keeps weight as low and evenly distributed as possible.

Buyers looking for added battery power can double that pack to 4.8 kWh or jump up to the top-tier 12-kWh pa
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