Poll worker in Arizona says "large percentage" of people who "just moved" to the

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News Story Source: Natural News – JD Heyes
(Natural News) With each passing day, more information becomes available about the massive size and scope of the vote fraud that was committed last month in an all-out effort to steal the presidential election from President Donald Trump and, realistically, probably other candidates as well.

Now, a woman who volunteered as a poll observer in Arizona, a former red state that has now suddenly gone completely blue (on the national level) says that she was told by election officials in the state to let people who were not properly registered or who hadn't registered to cast a ballot.

"I was having to allow people to vote who literally had just moved here. A large percentage had addresses from two apartment complexes," Anna Orth told GOP Arizona State legislators on Monday, going on to say that "many" of those people were "residents for not more than a month."

The Epoch Times adds:

In another instance, Orth was refused entry to a room
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