Politicians Seem Loath To Let Covid End

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News Story Source: LewRockwell.com – By Anders Koskinen Chronicles
Even when we were permitted out of our homes, they imposed rules on who we could visit, how long we could visit, and what we could do while we visited.

Then they told us that once a vaccine was ready, life would get back to normal. Then it moved to once the vaccine is distributed, normal life will resume.

Now not only one, but multiple vaccines have arrived and are being distributed across the United States and the rest of world. Yet the goalposts continue to move as those who enjoy the largesse of government and the control it gives them over the populace scramble to come up with new conditions they claim must be met before the fight against COVID-19 is over and we can be allowed to live lives free of microbial terror.

Six authors, all of whom "served on the covid-19 advisory board for the Biden presidential transition" argue in a Washington Post opinion piece that there are three other milestones that must be reached before the pandemic is &quot
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