Police State — Cops Out-of-Control

police across the country play by their own rules.
They lie,
cheat, and steal.  They act as ‘Judge,
Jury and Executioner’ with
They are paranoid.

By KP Ryan

In bygone America, police forces were funded by the community
in which they worked.  While police abuse always existed in large cities, smaller cities and towns were generally free from police corruption and abuse of power.  

days are now long gone.  Even the smallest town police have been granted
federal dollars (to protect us from
‘terrorists!’) to buy new weapons and vehicles.
In addition, Feds invite local police to
learn the new techniques of surveillance 
and law enforcement.

police across the country play by their own rules.  They will lie,
cheat, and steal.  They act as ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner’ with
impunity.  They are paranoid.  Citizens are learning that dialing ‘911’
for help can get themselves or family members or even their neighbors
assaulted and even murdered.
In most jurisdictions, the police judge
the police however, and unless there are numerous witnesses to counter
the official story or a clear video record, holding the evildoers
accountable is nearly impossible.

The following are but a few examples of police behaving as a Street Gang:



just started smashing his face to hell.”  So says one of the Fullerton,
California police after his encounter with Mr. Kelly Thomas.  Mr. Thomas was well known to many residents, small business owners
(and police) in downtown Fullerton.  A schizophrenic, Mr. Thomas was
often homeless and had a record for petty crimes such as trespassing.
He was not known to be violent, but he was a sick man.  

the evening of July 5, 2011 someone phoned in a report of an individual
wiggling one or more car door handles.  Police responded and saw Thomas, shirtless
and carrying a backpack.
Initially Officer Ramos asked Thomas a number of questions while flipping and twirling a baton in
his right hand.  Ramos’s partner, Officer Joe Wolfe, stationed himself
behind Mr. Thomas as Ramos attempted to get him to
admit to breaking into cars.
eventually search his backpack and find a letter addressed to a name different from
Thomas’s.  At this point that Wolfe’s earlier words appear
prescient: “Do you plan on going to sleep fairly soon?”  Ramos, as he’s
slipping both hands into tight leather gloves, then says to Thomas: “See
these fists?  They’re about to f*** you up!” 
Up to six of Fullerton’s
Finest take turns punching, kicking, and beating Thomas with fists,
boots, flashlights and Electrocution Devices, eventually assaulting him
into a coma and days later, death.

later, when the ambulance arrives, Ramos demanded they treat his minor injury
before attempting to save Thomas’s life.
Thomas died in hospital.

police department initially claimed Thomas ‘resisted arrest’ and assaulted the officers.  Thomas’s father (a retired cop) photographed son’s
injuries later in the hospital.  No television station or newspaper
would publish the images.  Instead, the media all reported as fact every
detail that came out of the FPD. 
Fortunately, a little known local
blog first posted the elder Thomas’s photos and then obtained a video
that happened to record portions of the incident, including a portion of
the beating.  Today two Fullerton cops are on trial over this vicious
death, (four others have escaped prosecution) including Ramos, though it is
worth noting NO Orange County jury has EVER held a police officer
accountable for his or her actions.

Link to Friends of Fullerton’s Future blog: http://www.fullertonsfuture.org/tag/kelly-thomas-beating/  (the video is halfway down the page along with a transcript)

it should be noted that police across the country were asked to donate
money for Ramos’s release on bail.  The letter began with these words:
“Keep in mind folks that the system of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is
still alive and well in the US…” Apparently the donations flooded in,
as Ramos indeed was released on bail.



Nee snapped a handful of photographs of two L.A. County deputies as they
chatted up two underage girls.  The outraged officers approached Mr. Nee
and claimed it was illegal to take photos of police.  They handcuffed
him and then claimed he was illegally taking photos of the two girls, and
followed that up with the accusation that it was illegal for Mr. Nee to
be in public without identification.  As they approached their cruiser
with Nee in handcuffs, one of the deputies called Mr. Nee a ‘retard’…
and then noticed that, in addition to the camera he had used, Mr. Nee
also had a video recorder in his bag and it had been filming and
recording them throughout the encounter.  Minutes later they freed Mr.
Nee without charges.  Mr. Nee already has a lawsuit underway against the
County for previously violating his civil rights as a photographer.  


and Mrs. Khang were upstairs at home one evening with their six children
when Mrs. Khang heard a window in her home shatter. She then heard
muffled male voices in the stairwell.  She immediately dialed 911 and
reported the break-in.  Mr. Khang grabbed his shotgun and fired as the
voices reached the bedroom door.  The men on the other side returned
fire, but with good fortune, no one was hit.  It turned out that  a local SWAT team had the wrong address and entered the
Khang’s home by mistake.  The City then granted commendations to eight of
the SWAT officers for their ‘bravery under fire.’


92-year old Katherine Johnson wasn’t as fortunate as the Khangs. With
nothing more than a bogus tip from an informant (other sources claim
there never was a tip in the first place), members of De Kalb County’s
‘RED DOG’ task force broke down the woman’s front door.  
Mrs. Johnson, thinking hoodlums were
invading her home, grabbed and fired a gun, hitting no one.  The ‘task
force’ returned the favor, firing 39 shots, striking Mrs. Johnson 5
times.  The RED DOG unit then searched her home for drugs and cash while
she lay bleeding to death.  Finding nothing incriminating, they planted
marijuana in an attempt to cover up the murder.  This case is most
unusual as three cops were actually sentenced for their acts.


Paxton was playing catch in his backyard with his Australian Cattle
Dog.  A police officer, responding to a 911 call, drove (erroneously)
into Paxton’s driveway and confronted Paxton.  The dog, Cisco, ran over
to see what was going on and was shot and killed by the officer who
‘feared’ for his safety.  Nationally there are no statistics kept on the
number of pets killed by cops, but the stories are abundant and varied.
Here’s an extremely brief example (scroll down for photos and stories
of various dogs killed): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/27/cop-shoots-dog-puppycide_n_1446841.html


jordan_miles-after-300x150.jpgEighteen-year old Jordan Miles was walking home from a friend’s house one
evening in 2010.  Suddenly an unmarked vehicle pulled up alongside him
and three police, NOT in uniform, exited the UNMARKED car and approached
Until this point in time, Miles had never been in trouble with
the law. In fact he was an honors student at a prestigious area high
school. The police claimed they had received a complaint that Miles had
been ‘loitering’ in front of his friend’s home and his friend’s mother
had called police.The police further claimed they spotted a likely
weapon in Miles’ pocket and ordered him to show his hands, but Miles
instead took off running.  They then claimed he slipped on ice and then
violently resisted arrest.

When the case of Jordan Miles reached
court, his friend’s mother swore she had never called in a complaint
about Miles’ loitering; the police were never able to produce a weapon, and, according
the Miles, the officers NEVER identified themselves as police.

as they jumped out of their vehicle they immediately asked: “Where’s
the drugs?  Where’s the money?”  Miles assumed they were street thugs
looking to rob him.  As he had nothing of value to steal (or turn in as
evidence) they simply beat the hell out of Miles and then charged him
with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.
The officers involved got paid leave PLUS hypothetical overtime.



are not isolated incidents.  In fact, there are a few websites that
attempt to compile a daily laundry list of police crimes.

So what’s a rational and reasonable human to do?  

one has to come to the understanding that Police today are NOT the
police of 30 years ago.  While there have always been rogue cops and
abusers of power, today’s young officer is trained from day 1 to be
scared of the public and to Act, rather than react. 
Additionally, they
feel protected.  Only when there is a mountain of evidence will a
District Attorney’s Office or the Federal Government step in and
prosecute the miscreants.Also, police are trained to feel as if the
public is conspiring to get them.  Thus they preserve and even beef-up
the ‘Thin Blue Line’.  It is extraordinarily rare for an officer to
stand up to abusive fellow officers.

And when they do dare to ‘serve
and protect’ they are likely face discipline or even termination (see:
http://www.copblock.org/15306/crossing-the-thin-blue-line/  ).

Unions generally go far out of their way to protect and defend the
corrupt within their ranks.  Sometimes it seems as if the only time they
wish to excommunicate a member is when a retired officer wears his uniform to an Occupy Wall Street Protest
There was a time when the majority of citizens trusted their
government.   Now, people are less willing to be played for suckers.

They need to recognize police are in place today to defend the banking elite that controls the State.

video is essential for justice.  One cannot rely on 1 or 2 cops to
cross that Thin Blue Line and go against their brothers.
They’d much
rather lie in their reports, to investigators, and on the witness stand.
Shunning is difficult for anyone, but police seem especially cowed by
the threat of being shunned.Further, witnesses aren’t too reliable.
But if you are able to record your interaction with the police you have
a much better chance with an audio or video recording.

There’s a reason police nationwide are
doing everything they can to see to it that it becomes illegal for
citizens to snap photos or record them as they ‘keep the peace’.  There
are now (relatively) inexpensive recording devices that one can place in
one’s car that record the action if you are pulled over.  If police are
at your door, try to train a camera and just let it record.

when you are served with jury duty, GO!  But first read about your
rights and responsibilities as a jury as outlined by the Founding
Fathers (see sec. 1, Handbook for Jurors: http://www.patriotnetwork.info/Citizens_rule_book.htm
Just don’t broadcast to anyone your new-found knowledge.  Should
you have the good fortune to serve on a case that was brought about by
either an immoral or unconstitutional law, you have the absolute power
to acquit!Additionally, should the defendant complain about police
brutality or claim the police are lying .. it is very
likely that the defendant is telling the truth. The System is
allowing the Police to run rampant and lie with impunity.

more and more of these cases come to light, it serves to shake more
Americans out of their stupor and realize the police today are, whether
willingly or not, serving their true masters, the Illuminati.

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