Poem – “Twin Towers Destroyed”


“Twin Towers Destroyed”
(our hearts and wisdom pretty much a void)
This was written a day or two after the sonnet from 9/12 or so, 2002, attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

On 9-11, zero-one, we felt
The wrath of God for sin of national sort
We hadn’t ever seen or heard or smelt
Catastrophe tear down a national fort

Or Pentagon – Twin Towers – many mad,
Ready to smash any involved in this
Or having similar characteristic* – sad
Many were here in Babylon – the kiss

Of death was quite disturbing, undeserved,
We thought, ** but National Anthem to destroy
Any in Babylon, irradiated – swerved
It had not done in my case – me a toy

Or targeted by Satan’s ire – despised
By devil, irradiated, terrorized.

Copyright 2002, 9/11
In downtown Austin, Texas, where I
Lived for 30 years.

*often people go by a single characteristic in the face and
Don’t realize they could be !00% wrong – a person could
Look one way and be the opposite. We went whole hog
After certain people based on this error, and these vic-
timized types keeled over, not getting any due process of law
or even hearing a charge, or finally got unceremoniously released
which has been my case for 18 ¾ years – held in detention, with
no real freedom. i am living in an Assisted living Facility mostly
because if I don’t get Nopalea, I can’t barely walk at best and
at worst am much worse off. But this Nopalea will heal you
of anything cause by inflamation, including Alzheimer’s. All
you need usually is about 8 oz per day, But: I was one of the
first Guinea Pigs of the military, according to an MI officer I met in
downtown Austin. Never heard a charge
Because it could be anything. Anyone in law knows this.
The Austin Police Department right away knew I was inno-
cent, and so did the FBI and CIA. I was in my apartment
every single night for more than 20 years or something, and
Didn’t go anywhere, and had no car most of the time and no
Money at that time – that was my case esp. In August of ’99, when supposedly
all of this took place, and maybe even stuff later – and if they
said it happened some other night, I was in my apartment then, too.
They had no physical evidence against me – an APD undercover officer
told me that all the results were ‘negative’ and I was innocent! I didn’t
even know what he was talking about – never heard about it – it was a
big secret or something, and those FBI, CIA can keep a secret more than
anyone else, like a dog holding on to a favorite bone. The APD said I
was ‘innocent’ early on, and the CIA and FBI didn’t even know this.
They are more interested in destroying an enemy of the state (in their
Own minds and not In reality – I have very rarely carried on a conversation
With some person from another country especially from Europe, but I am
Fluent in about 6 European languages. Have rarely had the chance. Had no
Money since my mother stole an inheritance from me in 79, and never even
Told me about it, since she was planning on stealing it. She already died last
December 5, and apparently she got away with it, plus other thing
**For lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an
Assembly of great nations from the north country (Europe over the
North Pole), and they shall set themselves in an array against her; from
Thence she shall be taken: their arrows^
^missiles, nuclear, for only such could bring “Judgment” In one hour
(Chapter 18, the next chapter) for a country the size of Babylon the Great.
The United States is perfectly described in Revelation 17-19, and that
passage can describe no other country in the world – I have been into
that – being aware of other countries, even on CNN World Report – i don’t
know if that is still on. There is a channel now on Brighthouse network,
which has newscasts and other programs from many countries – it’s
channel is 15.3

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