Physicians Are Waking Up To Maelstrom Of Technocracy's Twisted Agenda

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News Story Source: by Patrick Wood
The AAPS  was founded in 1943 and is the only national organization "consistently supporting the principles of free market in medical practice." Based in Tucson, Arizona, it also has local chapters in eleven key states, including Texas, California, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Whereas the medical industry used to be medical professionals using technology, it has now become a technology industry that uses medical professionals. With each passing year, the technological behemoth grows larger and the micro-management of physicians becomes more acute. This is a very clear expression of Technocracy's drive toward Scientific Dictatorship.

Along the way, the traditional doctor/patient relationship has been virtually destroyed. So-called Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) now dictates diagnosis policies, treatment protocols and 'best practices' that must be followed to the letter, or else the violators can be punished by withholding payment, censure or even termination
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