Pentagon spent $5.5bn only hours before govt shutdown

Brave New World News says…

The U.S. economy is going down the toilet. There is no money to run the government, not enough money to promote jobs and secure the financial progress of the nation, not even enough money to support and boost the education of our youth. But there is plenty of money to bailout Zionists croocket bankers, free money for the Apartheid Zionist regime of Israel, and above all, there is an unlimited supply of paper money to build weapons of mass destruction so we can bomb third world countries with plenty of Oil.

The following segment is from RT News

Reuters / Jo Yong-Hak

RT News

As clocks at the Pentagon approached midnight late Monday evening and inched America towards a government shutdown, the United States Department of Defense spent $5.5 billion dollars on an arsenal of items ordered at the last minute by Uncle Sam.

Foreign Policy reported on Tuesday that the Defense Department awarded 94 contracts totaling over $5.5 billion a day earlier, ensuring the mightiest military on Earth would stay significantly well-stocked throughout an indefinite shutdown that has sent hundreds of thousands of federal workers home without pay and polarized lawmakers in Washington.

Comparatively, Foreign Policy’s John Reed noted that on September 3 — the first workday of the month — the Pentagon published news of only 14 contracts: practically one-seventh of what was signed off on as Monday’s midnight deadline seemed increasingly more likely to come and go without a compromise.



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