Pennsylvania Election Officials Rattled After Trump Campaign Requests Names…

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News Story Source:, Tyler Durden
A Tuesday email from Trump aide Leslie O'Shaughnessy requested the names of people transporting ballots from voting machines once polls close, the names of people with access to the ballots, and locations where ballots are stored – including room numbers.

County Commissioner Gary Eichelberger (R) called the request 'intrusive,' and suggested that it might disrupt the election process in the county of 253,000 residents.

"It's almost kind of chilling the sort of data they wanted us to provide," said Eichelberger. "This is basically the whole security plan. We've never received a request of this detail and I find it troubling that one of the interested parties [in the election outcome] feels they have a right to information that obviously could jeopardize the security of the ballots."

Campaign spokeswoman Thea McDonald told the Washington Post that the request was for "standard election transparency details," and that the campaign
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