Pelosi Holds Large Dinner as Democrats Tell Americans to Cancel Thanksgiving Plans

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News Story Source:, By: Daniel Chaitin
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended holding a large dinner for incoming members, arguing the event had "enhanced ventilation" and was "very spaced."

The news comes as Democrat leaders across the country urged Americans to cancel their traditional Thanksgiving with family members due to the coronavirus.

"House Dem and GOP leaders are holding respective dinners for new members," NBC News correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell reported.

Pelosi defended the dinner touting the approval of the Capitol physician.

But the news angered critics who highlighted the Democrats favor of social distancing restrictions and how they could justify holding such an event while Americans are told to cancel their celebrations.

"If the Capitol Hill physician signed off on this, he is dangerously misinformed. How is this modeling good behavior in the lead up to Thanksgiving. @SpeakerPelosi change your mind on this right now,"&nbsp
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