Pedophiles, Traitors and Satanists Will Now Determine Your Physical Destiny!

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News Story Source: The Common Sense Show – Dave Hodges
I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. However, there is nothing happy about a country that is passively accepting a stolen election because what will follow this classic Bolshevik Revolution is despotic leadership that will quite predictably lead where all Bolshevik Revolutions end. The loss of rights, the loss of property and the massive loss of lives in a purge to rid the regime of the nuisance that dissidents will bring to the table. Tens of millions of you, who can, today, read my words, will not be here in a few short years to see the final act of the coming tyranny that will emanate from a former Constitutional Republic, whose for of government will disappear forever!

Over 60 judges have ruled that sufficient safeguards are in place for elections in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, et al, and therefore, no consideration of multiple sourced proof of massive voter fraud, enough to change the outcome of the election, will not be considered by any co
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