Peaches Geldof occult-Illuminati death conspiracy theories

Socialite Peaches Geldof just died at the age of 25, and the internet is abuzz with conspiracies. The conspiracies come from the fact that she recently started practicing some of the weird occult religious stuff that the Illuminati are into (e.g. Thelema and OTO). Let’s take a look… Bob Geldof is an entertainer who had his heyday in the ‘80s (he co-wrote Do They Know It’s Christmas) and was granted knighthood as the Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. He married Paula Yates in 1986 and had two daughters; one of which was Peaches. Paula Yates would eventually divorce Bob in 1996 and be hooked up with INXS’ Michael Hutchence. About a year later on November 22nd, 1997 (the 34th anniversary of JFK’s assassination…) Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room. The death of Hutchence was somewhat controversial because the coroner ruled it a suicide, yet the evidence coupled with Yates’ statements seemed to point to an accidental death by autoerotic asphyxiation. Yates suggested that Bob was allegedly involved with the death of Hutchence, quoting threats made by him as “Don’t forget, I am above the law” (*remember; he was knighted into this group of elites). Yates said that Geldof was interfering with Paula bringing their daughter out to see him in Sydney, and that Hutchence said that he was going to ‘reach out’ to Bob Geldof to see about letting the daughter out to see him. A couple years later in 2000, Yates was found dead at her home from a heroin overdose. Now, let’s move on to Peaches Geldof, who claimed to be a Scientologist in 2009, and allegedly switched over to Judaism in 2013. Where this story takes a strange twist is in April of 2013 when she tweeted an image of an Ordo Templi Orientis tattoo. Peaches OTO Tattoo This group is tied into the Illuminati, and is one of the secret societies that adheres to the esoteric teachings found with Thelemites (followers of Aleister Crowley). The OTO is covered in my post on Aleister Crowley and magick trance on the entertainment industry:

So what did Crowley do that was so special for the occult and the worship of evil? It started with his founding of the Thelema religion.   Crowley was always a prominent member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), and introduced homosexual sex magick initiations for high degree members. He was promoted through the ranks very quickly because of his ritual experience and contacts made with the spiritual world in Egypt. Shortly after buying the Boleskine estate, Crowley and his wife spent time doing rituals in Egypt and believed they communicated directly with the Egyptian god Horus.

crowley silence She also tweeted the message: “#93 #Thelema #o.t.o. for all my fellow Thelemites on Instagram!Peaches OTO So is the tragic story of all these various pop culture figures related? I certainly don’t know, and neither will you. If you believe that this secret group of elites is truly embedded in every industry known to man, then we’ll never know. One thing I do know is that they are into some weird stuff, including sacrifices: From the Aleister Crowley and magick trance on the entertainment industry post:

After more successful rituals all over the world, Crowley created yet another magical order called the Argenteum Astrum (aka Silver Star, or A. A.) and proceeded to write books for the remainder of his life. At one point he and his followers setup a ritual center in Sicily called the Abbey of Theleme, which became so notorious for brutal sacrifices and black masses that Mussolini felt the need to kick them out of the country. Followers of Crowley identify themselves as Thelemites, and may practice more than one religion; e.g. Wicca, Gnosticism, and Satanism (similar to the reason the Freemasons don’t identify themselves as one religion). They may also be members of more than one magick/occult organization such as the A.A., OTO, or Golden Dawn. Crowley had a goal of battling Christianity with black magick, and spent the final years of his life detailing how to perform black masses which include sacrificing animals and children. He wrote “A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim for use in the Mass” (which corresponds back to the sacrifice of children we saw with Ba’al earlier). His beliefs in the dark arts seemed to have plagued him over his whole life, as he went unsatisfied through multiple women and children who died very prematurely

Peaches died at the young age of 25. RIP Here’s one of her last Instagrams; Peaches and her mother: Peaches Geldof Last Instagram

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