Paul Michael Bales – The Lying Morpheus

There is a slanderous video going around of a jealous liar in a bathrobe making a number of baseless allegations against me which I’d like to address and put to rest.  To begin with, this man – the lying Morpheus – Paul Michael Bales, has been claiming to “have awoken me to” and “taught me everything I know about the flat Earth” for well over a year now in several videos.  In reality, however, I have proof of posting about flat Earth since 2009, whereas he admits to having only been a flat Earther since 2012, and posting since about it since 2013.  The only interaction I’ve had with the guy was through a short Facebook correspondence while I was writing my book, The Flat Earth Conspiracy, when he recommended some old flat Earth titles for me to check out.  Anyway, recently Mr. Bales has upped the ante and decided that, not only did he “teach me everything I know about the flat Earth,” but that I am also a CIA Agent, a Freemason, a Hollywood actor, a psychopath, a murderer, a wife-beater, a homosexual, a Nazi, a child-trafficker, a drug-smuggler and much more.  Surprisingly, there are many other such videos claiming similar things about me popping up nowadays and people constantly questioning me about them – so as ludicrous and unworthy of response as these accusations are, here are my answers:

Why Was I Kicked Off IFERS?  You’re a bad Administrator!

IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society) is administrated by myself and two others who have strict rules, clearly stated, in place to assure the quality of content and make sure the forum is not over-run by shills and trolls like the controlled opposition FES (Flat Earth Society).  If you feel unduly banned by one of us, you can always try and appeal to us or just register a new account and continue posting.  If we continue to ban your new accounts, then it is safe to say we have deemed you a shill/troll and will not let you ruin our excellent forum with your non-sense.  But if you wish, you may still continue to try, and we will see who is more diligent, you at trying to co-opt and corrupt our forum, or us at maintaining its integrity.

Why Do You Promote Hitler?  It’s Harming the Flat Earth Truth!

I have been writing about the Holohoax, Jewish bankers, and such subjects for years before writing my Flat Earth books, so when I first came out saying the Earth was flat, people said I was “poisoning the holohoax well with flat Earth.”  Once flat Earth began making a stir and I uploaded my Adolf Hitler vs. The Jew World Order documentary, however, people began saying I was “poisoning the flat Earth well with the holohoax!”  To each accusation my response is the same – I am not poisoning any wells as the Flat Earth is absolutely true and the supposed holocaust of six million Jews is absolutely false.  Adolf Hitler was nothing like the Jewish media portrays him, just like our flat, motionless Earth is nothing like the Jewish media portrays it.

You Are a CIA Agent!  We Have Proof You Lived in Washington D.C.!

There are some websites that claim someone named “Eric Dubay” lived in Washington D.C. and this is being used as proof positive that I am a CIA agent.  Firstly, the two have no correlation whatsoever as there are hundreds of thousands of non CIA agents living in Washington D.C. at any given time.  Secondly, there is more than one Eric Dubay just from Maine, USA alone.  One of them is an avid golf player and has many google hits about his tournaments.  Thirdly, I have never lived in Washington D.C., regardless of what some random website claims.  I have no idea why there are websites claiming this, but regardless, I have never worked for the CIA nor have I ever lived in Washington D.C.

You Come From a Masonic Family!  Your Uncle is a 33rd Degree Freemason!

The only known Freemason in my family is my great-uncle James Mays, who married into the family through my grandmother’s sister.  He is not a Dubay, nor do we get along, and the only words we’ve spoken together since I’ve known he was a Mason and he’s known about my books I made public for everyone to see here, when he called my book “Bullshit” then deleted his own comment and proceeded to block me on Facebook.

But You Make Masonic Signs and Symbols in Your Pictures and Videos, Eric!

People are now making compilations taking still shots of me from various videos and claiming I must be a Freemason because I am making the devil-horns or 666 hand-sign.  Firstly, I am NOT a Mason.  I am an ANTI-Mason and want Masonry exposed and abolished as is clearly evidenced by the body of work I’ve created over the past decade.  Secondly, I am a Yogi, and have exposed the “hand-signs” as being thousands of year-old yogic mudras, which have only recently been perverted into Masonic gang-signs.  As a Yogi I do use some of these poses, like the gyani mudra in meditation every day.  Many of the other supposed signs I am making however are ridiculous or taken out of context.  For example they show me flashing the devil-horns during my Flat Earth and Other Shill Potatoes routine, but forget to mention I was parodying Orphan Red, who herself was blatantly flashing the sign during her interview with Mark Sargent; or they show me in a common yoga asana and paint a compass/square over my arms and legs claiming it’s a “Masonic pose.”  Again, these are not Masonic in origin, nor am I a Mason.

You’re a Hollywood Actor!  You Have an IMDB Profile!

I don’t know who created it, but there is an IMDB profile that merely lists 4 of my YouTube documentaries in it, and people are now claiming this as evidence that “Eric Dubay is a Hollywood Actor!”  The truth is, however, I have never even visited California, let alone been in a Hollywood production, and just because someone put my YouTube videos into an IMDB database doesn’t suddenly make me part of Hollywood.

Your Wife/Fiance/Girlfriend is Part of the NWO Dictatorial Thai Government!

Pictures of a woman I was dating are circulating with claims that she is my wife or fiance and that since her parents work for the Thai military, that is proof positive that I am an NWO shill.  Firstly, I do not have a wife, fiance, or even girlfriend and the woman in question was merely someone I dated.  Her parents do work for the Thai army, but that has no bearing on me or my integrity, and I have expressed to them and their daughter my discontent for governments/militaries.

You are a Psychopath and Abused Your Ex-Girlfriends!

As I have stated on many occasions now, I broke up with my previous Thai girlfriends due to their aggressive behavior towards me and NOT the other way around.  The woman showing a picture of a bruise on her thigh, claiming it as proof that I “beat her,” in fact abused me regularly throughout our relationship.  She had a poor childhood resulting in Borderline Personality Disorder which would often surface in tantrums where she did everything from slap, punch, kick, scratch and bite me; tantrums so violent that I would have to restrain her until she calmed down.  The reason we are no longer together is because I finally had enough of this and gave the ultimatum that if she ever got physical with me again I would break up, and she did, so I broke up with her.

You Live in Thailand Where There Are Lots of Gays, Transsexuals, and Sex Trafficking, So You May Be Involved in That!

Just because I wrap a pillow-case around my chest and do a great impression of Patricia Steere does not make me a homosexual, tranny, sex-trafficker.  Thailand is a wonderful country with a lot more to offer the world than these lowest-common-denominator types would have you think.  Paul actually had the gall to suggest, with no evidence at all, that, “Dubay may even be a part of the sex-trafficking and child-trafficking and that may be why he is in Thailand.”  If this isn’t libelous slander, then I don’t know what is.

You Worked as a Teacher at the Royal Chulalongkorn University!  Not Just Anyone Can Work There!

That’s right Paul, I first had to complete my double Bachelors degree in Philosophy and English, then got my CELTA ESL teaching certificate, then got some experience at a private language school, then finally interviewed and I got a job teaching English at the largest and oldest University in Thailand.  That is merely a testament to my aptitude as an intelligent and diligent human being, NOT evidence for your jealous conspiracy theory.

You Write Books, Hip-Hop Songs, Run a Wing Chun and Yoga Academy, Make Videos and Interviews, Where Do You Get the Time!?

I have the same 24 hours in my day as you do Paul, I just don’t spend them in my pajamas making slanderous hate videos about people I’m jealous of.

Around New Years Eve when my original IFERS forum was deleted, Paul was busy, (admittedly with Jewish funding), buying up flat Earth URL keywords, creating over 50 terrible flat Earth websites with them, including a clone IFERS site where he himself claimed to be president of IFERS.

The simple truth is the powers that be are gravely concerned of the flat Earth movement I have helped spark and maintain, and they are desperate to defame, denounce and discredit me in any way possible.  Since they have completely failed to debunk my evidence, they are now taking to personal attacks and trying to denounce my character so people will not see me as a leader.  To my readers, if you do see people making these slanderous false accusations about me, please link them to this article so they can hear my side of the story and figure out the truth for themselves.  Thank you!

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