Paris Hilton’s Come Alive Music Video Dissected

You’re telling us Lil Wayne let Paris away with this nonsense?

 by Andrea Munoz

By Tamara Roper

Paris Hilton, who has been in the public eye since before the beginning of time, somehow convinced Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment to sign her and Come Alive is her latest single under their watchful eye. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO?

Looking like the producers took two big swallows of fairy dust and misogyny and subsequently threw them back up, Come Alive features eye-bleedingly bright colours, illuminati style flashes and a horse with a horn strapped to its head. Oh, sorry, we mean a unicorn.

Here are some highlights for those of you who are intrigued, but don’t want to end up with a headache, by actually watching Come Alive’s video yourself.

Immersing herself in low budget pink gauze

Double trouble

This part makes the video look like a perfume advert for tweens

Someone call RSPCA

Not satisfied? Watch the full video for Come Alive below… 


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