Pablo Escobar’s widow describes forced abortion in new book

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News Story Source: Daily Mail
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) – The widow of Pablo Escobar fell madly in love as a preteen with the man who would rise to be a ruthless drug lord, but she says she felt raped when at age 14 he forced her to have a clandestine abortion, and over time came to view him as a cruel psychopath.

The revelation comes in a memoir, "My Life and My Prison With Pablo Escobar," in which Maria Henao for the first time opens up about her life alongside one of the world's most ruthless criminals, portraying herself more as a victim of the boundless violence of the Medellin cartel boss than as an accomplice to his lawbreaking.

In the book's epilogue, titled "The secret I've held for years," Henao describes being taken by Escobar to a ramshackle clinic and lying down on a stretcher while an elderly woman inserted several plastic tubes into her womb. She says she didn't know she was pregnant and was told it was just a means of pregnancy prevention. Over several days she
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