Organic seed market explodes, sales predicted to hit $5.4B by 2024

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(Natural News) It wasn't too long ago that organic food was considered to be a luxury. Its high prices made it something that only the most devout health nuts and those with deeper pockets were willing to shell out for. Now, however, organic food is quickly becoming a necessity for those who want a long and healthy life. The price difference between organic and non-organic is not as pronounced as it once was as the supply increases, and more and more people are finding the higher price tag a very small price to pay to avoid eating chemical pesticide-laden food.

A look at the current trends in the seed market illustrates this growing demand perfectly. A new report by Global Market Insights, Inc. predicts that the size of the organic seed market will reach $5.4 billion by the year 2024. Shifting consumer preferences toward natural food and increased awareness about its health benefits are pushing the demand for organic seeds to new heights.

It's not just the health benefits
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