OPCW Finds No CWs at Terror-Bombed Syrian Facilities

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
OPCW Finds No CWs at Terror-Bombed Syrian Facilities

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On April 14, US, UK and French warplanes, preemptively and illegally without just cause, terror-bombed Syrian facilities.

US war secretary "Mad Dog" Mattis lied, claiming the mission was to "destroy (Syria's)  chemical weapons research, development and production capabilities." 

Nothing of the kind exists – well known to Washington, Britain and France. Yet terror-bombing was ordered anyway – continuing US-led aggression on a sovereign state threatening no one.

One facility struck was a Barzeh district research lab involved in development of cancer drugs.

Joint Chiefs Chairman ("Fighting Joe") Dunford claimed "(t)his military facility (sic) was a Syrian center for the research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology" – a bald-faced li
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