On Reporters Who Ask No (Unapproved) Questions

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I was a newspaper guy — reporter and editor — for 40-some years. (Yeah, scary.)

My attitude was, "Tell me your sacred cows — the stuff you don't want me to write about. Because that's what I'm gonna write about.

Not supposed to look into the real health benefits of marijuana, because it might "encourage kids to try drugs"? You've already got them on all kinds of patented pharmaceuticals, including psychiatric drugs, that are probably much more dangerous. So I'll write about the health benefits of marijuana, and the way Prohibition only makes things worse, like when alcohol Prohibition turned us from a peaceful nation of wine and beer drinkers into a crazed culture going blind on bathtub gin while the distributors shot each other down with Tommy-guns in the streets.

Don't want me to write about how counterproductive it was to send unwilling draftees to fight a "sort of, limited" war in the jungles of mai
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