Oil companies in Saudi Arabia use nanotechnology for petroleum extraction to…

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News Story Source: https://www.naturalnews.com
(Natural News) There are few greater oxymorons than "environment-friendly oil company," especially if said company is the biggest example in the world. But Saudi Aramco is trying to do just that, using nanotechnology to max out the petroleum from its oil wells while minimizing environmental pollution, an article in Nanowerks stated.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) professor Nancy Burnham is an environmentalist at heart. But after working alongside the Saudi Arabian company for her recent sabbatical study, even she was impressed by the company's conscious efforts to disrupt the environment as little as possible.

Saudi Aramco is owned and operated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The oil company produces both petroleum and chemical products for customers around the world.

Burnham admitted that the petroleum products from oil companies are valuable and vital. She also noted that many companies can see far enough into the future that they have invested in r
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